FIVE stars for “Finding Sophie” ***** Copenhagen Post


Maria Lohmann delivers an astonishing solo performance in this unnerving story


                                       “Finding Sophie is a must-see.”


Slipping from one character to another with flow and ease…Lohmann’s acting is believably raw.”


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Audience comments:


“Great performance – loved every minute of Finding Sophie”   (Nina Milora)


“Finding Sophie” is a wonderfully well- written play, which combined with a great performance makes an impressive experience. With its postmodernist elements the piece is alternative and interesting and it leaves the audience with lots of different emotions and food for thought. I can definitely recommend it!”                                (Ida Hjort Buhl, student)


“I watched the amazing play “Finding Sophie” yesterday and I would recommend everyone to go. The performance was brilliant and the atmosphere in the theatre was so nice. The story and the emotions feels real and the actress is very professional. I can only think of positive things to say about this play, and I am amazed by every little detail in it. This is for all ages, and I promise that you will be blown away and leave with a feeling of wanting to see and know more”

                   (Søs Nielsen, student)

                 “Finding Sophie er et spændende teaterstykke, som giver stof til eftertanke. Jeg skal selvfølgelig ikke afsløre slutningen her, men man efterlades med lysten til at vide mere om karaktererne og ikke mindst historiens udvikling. Som publikum (og som menneske) søger jeg som grundvilkår at finde en mening og forståelse i de fortællinger jeg møder, men det lykkes ikke altid og det er, som jeg ser det, netop stykkets omdrejningspunkt. Det kan både være provokerende, frustrerende og ikke mindst inspirerende. Jeg fascineres af fortællingen, som bliver ved med at undre mig!

Jeg er folkelærer og underviser i engelsk i udskolingen, og jeg fortrød sådan, at jeg ikke havde mine klasser med ind til dette stykke. Sprogligt ville de kunne følge med og blive udfordret, og indholdsmæssigt vil stykket kunne relateres til de unges eget liv og deres flygtige tanker om at kunne forsvinde fra jordens overflade. Så gå ikke glip af en fed mulighed for at se teater, som kan bruges som afsæt for inspirerende og udfordrende undervisning. Go see and find Sophie!”

                                                             (Sofie Nørgaard Jensen, Folkeskolelærer)


                    CATASTROPHIC SEX MUSIC, 2013:

**** Kultunaut        ***** Copenhagen Post

an exquisite journey full of dizzying highs and manic lows”

“every bit as entertaining as it is engaging”

“perfectly articulated”

“wild dancing and sharp spurts of humour”

“you’ll laugh, you’ll cry and at some point, you’ll definitely feel unsettled” (Copenhagen Post)

“raw poetry and fast-paced physical theatre”

“Clare Humphrey and Maria Lohmann jump, twist, dance and copulate”

“a breath of fresh air in the Danish theatre scene” (Kultunaut)

Read the full reviews here: Kultunaut and Copenhagen Post.

Here’s what the the audience said about Catastrophic Sex Music when it was shown at its first stage of development at the Mercury Theatre, Colchester and Theatre 503 in London…

sensory bombardment”

“Contagious, terrifying, visceral”

                                             “like improvised music might appear on the page”

                 “like the many voices inside your own head”

                                     “When you see a piece of theatre you are lucky to have a poignant moment more than twice, but to maintain one for 40 minutes is F*c*ing awesome.”

                                                                    “Absolutely amazing – one of the best alternative plays I have ever seen!”

And at the Latitude Festival…


an experiment in a new type of spontaneous and musical form, bringing comparisons to free-form jazz…”

“explosions of consciousness”

                                   “a tangle of free-association that will engage you viscerally above all”

“A kaleidoscope of images”

“Energising, exciting piece of theatre. Absolutely fantastic. Brilliant. Beautiful and punk”

                        “Get the children out – get them out now!”

And you can form your own opinion, at Copenhagen’s Bådteatret this September!

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