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Photo: Emilia Therese

 Finding Sophie touring in 2015/16

Sophie is a typical teenager. She parties with her friends and argues with her mum. The usual stuff. Then one day she vanishes, and the race is on to find her. After all, sixteen year old girls don’t just disappear into thin air do they?
Time is rapidly running out in this new play, based on the real-life nightmare that shatters thousands of families every year.
Follow the police investigation and the people nearest Sophie in their desperate attempts to unravel the truth.
Humour, music and movement complement the spiky English text to tell this twisted tale. All the parts are played by one actress.

Performed in English.

Playing time: 45 minutes.

Finding Sophie is available for touring Denmark as well as abroad in 2015/16. We’re looking forward to performing in theatres, schools and various other venues.

If you are interested in booking the show, please contact us on

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