FASTER PUSSYCAT is a newly created theatre company based in Copenhagen.

We are:

Janice Dunn from Liverpool, England, who has over 20 years experience as a theatre director. She has directed everything from Shakespeare to Brecht to musicals. Janice has also directed various pieces of new writing, for example at the Royal Court Theatre in London. Janice now lives in Copenhagen and is a co-founder of FASTER PUSSYCAT.


Maria Lohmann is from Copenhagen, and trained as an actor at the Italia Conti Academy in London. She worked as an actress in England from 2006- 2011. Maria has now returned to Denmark and is a co- founder of  FASTER PUSSYCAT.

We aim to bring the best, most exciting, strange and unusual new British drama to Denmark.

We aim to put on plays which have a strong direct connection with the audience.

We aim to collaborate with other companies, artists and venues to discover new ways of creating extraordinary theatre.

And we aim to have fun, whilst doing the above!